I dreamed of sharing belly dance with the world, until an assault rifle stopped me in my tracks.


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Find and embrace the fullest expression of yourself, without holding back

Face your fears head on, and your wildest dreams will not only be possible, they'll become inevitable

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Praise & Testimonials

Mita Banerjee, Professor of Psychology

"Nurjahan's empassioned reminder of why we need to face our fears in order to live fully, was beyond inspirational" 

Sandy Anglin Phillips, Founder of Survivors Empowered

"Nurjahan's spirit and guidance transformed the participants. Her light will always be so precious to me. I can't wait to do it again." 

Ruby Bajaj, Superhero Lifestyle

"Nurjahan teaches you to learn with your own body movements and go with your own personal rhythm and comfort. It helped me bring my sexy back after having 7 surgeries in 2 years. I didn’t think that was possible."