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"I thought I understood myself, until I started working with Clyde. He helped me truly understand where my ruts were, how I got in them, and how to get out and stay out of them."


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Nurjahan was 21 years old when she was shot with an assault rifle in an attack that killed the man next to her. As a college student and a dancer, that one night changed the trajectory of her life. Even as she moved on to reach major milestones like pursuing a career in education and building a family, undiagnosed PTSD and physical complications from the bullet wound threatened her future every day. Not knowing if recovery was even possible, she went on a quest to find the tools, resources, and support system that would ultimately empower her to recover and live the life she was meant to live. Inspired to pay it forward, Nurjahan now travels the country as a motivational speaker, leading community resilience workshops, hosting online Feel Safe Again™ programs, and spreading hope - something she lost sight of for so long. She is recognized as a "national expert" on gun violence prevention and recovery, and is America's leading coach for survivors of gun violence. She spends her days in Southern California with her husband and three children, playing soccer, traveling, and - whether on the sidewalk or in the studio - dancing. 


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Hi there,

I'm Nurjahan. 

I'm an educator, public speaker, community builder, and a survivor of gun violence. The one night I thought had destroyed my future became the catalyst that made all of my dreams come true. My personal experience and the far-reaching impact of my work is evidence that no matter what you face in life, you can find connection, purpose, and joy in the aftermath.

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My mission (and this site) is dedicated to helping you overcome adversity, no matter what you've survived.

There's always hope, even when you're struggling the most.

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Praise for...

"Nurjahan's empassioned reminder of why we need to face our fears in order to live fully, was beyond inspirational" 

Mita Banerjee, Professor of Psychology

"Nurjahan's spirit and guidance transformed the participants. Her light will always be so precious to me. I can't wait to do it again." 

Sandy Anglin Phillips, Founder of Survivors Empowered

"I got so much out of watching Nurjahan's webinar, and though I have had 11 years as a professional counselor, I still learned new things from her - things that I plan to implement with my patients who have combat related post traumatic stress."

Christine Bruce, Licensed Professional Counselor

"I survived domestic violence, and I worried about my children's safety every day. During the 6-week Feel Safe Again™ Program, I was able to identify fears that I had pushed down for over 15 years. I healed pain from my last abuse and actually discovered why I had certain fears and blocks. I’ve opened up my doors to complete happiness and have gotten highly noticed by my bosses at work. It's all a part of the set up for my raise. It's a wonderful feeling."

Linda*, Gun Violence Survivor

*Pseudonyms are used to protect the identities of survivors

"Face your fears head on, and your wildest dreams will not only be possible, they'll become inevitable"



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