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The Electric Feminine Podcast: Healing Through Dance

Anjua Maximo interviews Nurjahan Boulden as she bravely shares her survivor story and the healing power of dance in the company of women

The Guardian Global:

A quiet revolution: the female imams taking over an LA mosque

While many of misinterpreted a hadith to mean women can't enter a mosque, these women are covering progressive topics like sexual violence, abortion, pregnancy loss, domestic violence in their sermons

Martin and Shivi interview Nurjahan Boulden for Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best VIP segment

The Chatty Broads sit down with gun violence survivor Nurjahan Boulden. She shares her story, the trauma that followed, and her powerful journey of healing through it all. She also discusses living without fear, shares her “7 Agreements for Survivors”, and much more.

Nurjahan Boulden delivers a commencement address to Pitzer College's Class of 2019

Women Against Gun Violence Legacy Series: Nurjahan was out with friends dancing and having fun when a gunman opened fire, wounding her and another, and killing a man beside her. For years, Nurjahan couldn't talk about the incident. Now she's raising her voice to help others.

Khateebah Nurjahan Boulden delivers the khutbah for The Women's Mosque of America on November 30, 2018. She moves the congregation with her courageous sharing of the struggles she faced as a shooting survivor. Nurjahan shares how we can achieve inner peace and healing by submitting fully to God, how to distinguish between blind vs. true faith, and how we can use true faith to transfrom our fear into action that will help us achieve our dreams.

Online and print magazine Pitzer College Alumni Feature

The Mom Forum | Healing from Trauma and Finding Joy

Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, and The Trace online and print Magazines:

More Than 100,000 Americans Are Victims of Gun Violence Each Year. What Happens to Those Who Survive?

While we focus on the victims of mass shootings, survivors struggle with psychological traumaof their own. Especially when new horrors play on loop.

Feminists Act! An interview with Nurjahan Boulden, survivor of gun violence and expert on gun violence prevention and recovery

Love What Matters: ‘Am I ever going to walk again? Will I survive this?’ I couldn’t see it coming or avoid it. I never saw the man who did it. I just felt the shattering vibration in my leg and collapsed.’

Whiskey and Lemon Podcast: Lana Mercedes has a conversation with Nurjahan Boulden on surviving gun violence, how to not let triggers consume you, and the inner work needed to heal.

Shrink for the Shy Guy: Confident No Matter What

Learn how to break through fear and depression so you can live your best life. Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews our guest, Nurjahan Boulden, and shares her journey of survival and healing after gun trauma.

Her Zindagi: End Your Cycle of Trauma with Shooting Survivor Nurjahan Boulden, interviewed by Maheen

The Refined Alpha Podcast: Interview with Nurjahan Boulden

She survived a shooting...Her husband is Christian...She's Muslim...She Failebrates every Friday...This is How to Survive Anything...Even Getting Shot!

Big Vision TV: Rising into fearlessness with Nurjahan Boulden